Algo Trading Systems

ATS provides algorithmic trading systems for retail & professional futures traders, B2B & B2C

Algo Trading Systems LLC (ATS) was launched in 2020 by Robert B. Harmon Esq, ATS President, a former COMEX and NYMEX Member whom has served as a governor of the Commodity Exchange Inc, and the Commodity Exchange Inc Clearing Association. He has been a New York licensed attorney since 1979. A self-directed trader since 2002, providing ATS with a combination of experience of the real deal trading systems and methodologies with practical legal knowledge to empower ATS on its mission.

ATS CEO Tom Leeson joined executive membership, bringing in algorithmic trading systems experience, quantitative & enterprise development skills, contributing IP to ATS so it became the US based owner and global exclusive provider of MicroTrends NinjaTrader Algorithmic trading Systems to vendors in the NinjaTrader EcoSystem, Commercial Traders, Pro traders/Money Managers, CTAs & Hedge funds. NinjaTrader development powered by MicroTrends Ltd for the NinjaTrader Free trade Platform.

ATS is set to fill the space in trading for retail & commercial B2B and B2C market place for trading systems which provide the end-user, trader with a full set of supporting technology and compliant ethical supply chain, the result and aim the trader is provisioned with every edge, advantage & chance of being successful via leveraging todays automated and systematic trading systems.

ATS will continue to align itself with selected trading technology specialists who can meet the ATS benchmark in uniqueness, trading viability, compliancy & ethics and provide trading systems & solutions via licensees into the retail & commercial trading universe.


Algo Trading systems developer MicroTrends Ltd in the UK is the exclusive provider to ATS for Trading solutions

MicroTrends was setup by Tom Leeson in 2006 to provide automated algorithmic trading systems specialist consultancy & development & managed trading services

Institutional development since 1995 front desk and back office systems, client server, n tier, web, desktop, .net consultants, Azure, & quantitative development

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Algo Futures Trader

Algo Futures Trader (AFT) is a proprietary purpose built session open trading system for US indices, Micro and Emini Futures & Energies.

Featuring a Semi-autonomous algorithmic trade entry system with multiple time frame filter systems. Fully automated adaptive trade management system, with realtime interactive settings & user controls

AFT Trading System Design & Methodology powered by MicroTrends NinjaTrader Development

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