Work with ATS

Looking for team players who are futures trading fans and really trade with ATS products, articulate, numerate with good communication skills, stoic pragmatic winning mindset, with role appropriate technical ability with real deal trading experience who can self-manage to join us in various roles.

Live Trading Room Host

Proven ATS Fan live trading ability, demonstrate and teach the ATS Trading methodology and toolsets, analysis of prior session, higher time frame and intraday analysis, pre session, news events and NYSE session open trading with AFT and AWT, commentary on setups, trades, trade management, price action, educational sim live and or live money trading, commission based role.

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Discord Group Moderator

ATS Trading Fan long term established, 1st line discord moderator helper to actively attend algo server stream and room and direct users to the correct sections and posts ,to kick out ban spammers and time out any rule breakers, to remove support overheads and unnecessary downtime from the developer so time can be managed more effectively, sponsored products for role.

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Web Marketing Manager

Looking for an ATS trading fan and a marketing champion with proven commercial results, for campaigns and general modern web marketing approaches to build a following and get inflows, videos youtube, social posts etc. provide access to get started funnels, products, services and educational materials, non-invasive ethical compliant culture, commission based or neg role.

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