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Let's make it a win -win! Get Funded 100% Free evaluation trading! Free NinjaTrader hybrid automated trader for day trading futures.

Free for Evaluation trading!

ATS provides free for sim & evaluation with AlgoFuturesTrader for NinjaTrader via our approved prop trading capital firms for traders who signup with our referral links & coupons

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Apex Trader Funding

Apex trader funding is a trusted and approved prop firm for using with AFT for free evaluation!

Use our links and coupon to signup to Apex get AFT Free for prop firm evaluation trading. Apex provides rithmic and tradovate for NinjaTrader

The Legends Trading

Legends Trader funding is a trusted and approved prop firm for using with AFT for free evaluation!

Use our links signup to Legends Trading and get ATS Free for prop firm trading with Legends. Legends has the best rules, easy signup & quality!

Live Prop Firm Trading

Pass the evaluation prop firm trading test and get ready to live trade with a live license

Traders elect to go live trading performance account or real brokerage live money account trading. Sim trading, NT Account demo trading, Apex & Legends Evaluations are free forever!

Turnkey Prop Trading Systems & Trade Group

ATS prop firm trading is the ultimate combination of man and machine, AFT & AWT used in tandem in hybrid trading modes manual entry or semi-auto entry with fully automated adaptive trade management
  • For training, education attend the Free ATS Trading Group
  • NYSE session Open – Mon to Fri From 9.15AM EST to 11.30EST.
  • AFT hybrid trading mode session breakout US Emini Micro Indices
  • AWT day trading super charger increase wins & filter losers
  • Pass your evaluation for free with ATS day trading systems with participating partners!

How to get funded to Trade Futures

ATS prop trading firm partners are the best in class for day trading futures to get funded free with ATS systems, to get paid, with best hours and the best rules to give you every chance of success for your trading goals
  • Practice on the sim/demo until you are making a weekly/Monthly profit
  • Hybrid trading man and machine a combination of AFT and or AWT is used.
  • Pass your evaluation trading account with a prop trading firm capital provider
  • Trading in attendance part-time or full-time from home or the office.
  • Trade with an edge manual or semi-auto entry & automated trade management.

Hybrid Trading to Get Funded is the best way

Get funded the easy way with hybrid trading methods and systems for the max win ratio, min drawdown, and do away with with fear and greed and emotions, identify high probability conditions and use an entry method manual or semi automated to get into a trade and then let the system do the rest trade management emotion free - and steer if required with the realtime hybrid controls!

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*Non-approved prop firms

N.B: All other Prop trading firm eval and performance accounts can be traded with a full license after a 30 day free full features live trading trial!

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