Get Started to Trade

Get Started Day Trading 100% FREE forever until you decide to real money trade

AFT is 100% free for futures trading non live mode for sim, demo, replay and free for evaluation trading to get funded - paid license required for real money trading. 

1. Install AFT for Day Trading Emini Micro Indices & popular Futures

Plug and Play Trading- Install, Connect and Trade using a choice of turnkey workspace trading systems for day trading and swing trading futures.

  1. Install and setup NinjaTrader 8 with a free futures data demo
  2. Download and install AFT8
  3. Open a Turnkey workspace and trade risk free on the sim to learn

2. Turbo Charge Your Day Trading with AFT + AlphaWebTrader

Take your trading to the next level by combining the AlphaWebTrader system alongside AFT for confirmation of high probability trade setup conditions. AWT is next level trading technology with Lag free technicals and signals that do not slow down the PC or trade platform.

3. Live Market Trade Along NYSE Session Open

For training, education and support forum, attend the Day Trading Group to see how AFT is used in hybrid automated mode for day trading the US Emini Micro Indices Futures at the NYSE session Open

4. Get Funded to Day Trade with a Prop firm trading capital

Establish your trade plan, favorite instruments and systems in your sim/demo learning phase, when ready get funded with trade capital

  1. Practice on the sim/demo until you are making a profit 1 to 3 month or more at your discretion
  2. Get funded to day trade - take an evaluation test trading risk free on the sim, demo 100% Free.
  3. Trade part-time or full-time from home or the office, trade for a living trading or part-time.

5. Ready for live Trading - no time limits, no rush!

AFT only requires a paid for license when you are 1000% sure AFT is for you and want to live trade with a real money account.

After trading for a few weeks or more, some traders take 4 weeks from new, some take 1 to 3 months, veterans can be 1 day to master the AFT basics for futures day trading, When you are ready you to trade live at your discretion and decision, you can consider to open an account with NinjaTrader brokerage or if you need trading capital you can get funding to trade live and trade performance pay from a trading capital provider, please see below for details. At this point you wish to go live you will need to purchase a live license from AFT please see our pricing for details.