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Products are for various levels of skill!

ATS products are for a range of skills beginner with AST, AWT and for AFT technically expert traders with the NinjaTrader platform or desktop apps, web apps mobile apps and a good level of live market trading experience!

Support and guidance rules and process

Let's make it a win-win! You got some of the best trading tools here to learn and use for free, which would cost $10,000s+ elsewhere! All we ask in return is that you prioritize self-assistance; finding your answer may lead to discord group forum or help desk articles, website, video or blog. .


Traders who complete the get started process prove their relevant skills, are accepted, and can attend the discord group Zero To hero & other sections, search existing and ask new questions, knowledge gaps are fielded in the relevant sections as per help rules!


Traders sending redundant questions to the help desk asking for "get started" help with reading, more info, installing, linking etc, proving they are a high support overhead lacking the required skillset & aptitude, will automatically have their email auto-added to Spam/Junk help desk filters!

Support for Free, Premium & Ultimate Traders

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Training & Education via Discord Group

ATS Discord Group 2 levels of trading group provided maximized hands on learning through live interactive support, product forums, VIP mastery, trading playbook, R&D settings and worksapces, live trade along chat and live trading demo trading on the algo server to show 100% fully automated modes and experiments and settings in the real market, interaction between members also all provides a rich environment to absorb the information and get an edge. The ethos is not to give a man a fish but to teach how to fish and supply all the neccessary toolset to do so, thus creating empowered and independant traders who are able to level up their game technically and also in trading performance.

Support channels and remote assistance

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