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Support for Free, Premium & Ultimate Traders

Training & Education via Discord Group

ATS Discord Group based learning through live interactive support, product forums, VIP mastery, trading playbook, R&D settings and worksapces, live trade along chat and live trading demo trading on the algo server to show 100% fully automated modes and experiments and settings in the real market, interaction between members also all provides a rich environment to absorb the information and get an edge. The ethos is not to give a man a fish but to teach how to fish and supply all the neccessary toolset to do so, thus creating empowered and independant traders who are able to level up their game technically and also in trading performance.

Support channels and remote assistance

  • Note: Support is provided by help desk email, discord & and can be escalated to resolve by remote assistance
  • By default for all traders, support queries are firstly matched to existing questions or new and then resolved by chat or ticket, meeting, remote assistance is provided if required.
  • Remote assistance is via Concierge booking or free by arrangement and booked here or as arranged in discord help chat
  • For issues in the discord group which cannot be resolved it's easy for the developer to leap on your pc/server see discord group remote assistance rather than try a booking and support which can take days to arrange
  • ATS Quick Teamviewer is used for remote assistance.
    • Download & run on your PC
    • ATS initiates connection request
    • You grant access via popup notificaton
    • Watch & Chat to ATS Tech support agent