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ATS Product pricing for ATS Combo universal packages AFT + AWT + pending products. Get it all!
ATS Combo (AFT + AWT)
Monthly Lease
25.00 % Off
Yearly Lease
36.00 % Off
OneOff LifeTime*

ATS Essentials Combo Monthly

ATS Essentials Combo Annual

ATS Essentials Combo One-Off

ATS Premium Combo Monthly

ATS Premium Combo Annual

ATS Premium Combo One-Off

ATS Ultimate Combo Monthly

ATS Ultimate Combo Annual

ATS Ultimate Combo One-Off
ATS Combo is a universal license which provides access to all current and future products from ATS, AFT + AWT are included, and more to come + 1 year annual maintenance*.
ATS Combo Lifetime deal Best Value? BOGOF AWT $FOC - means the same price of the AWT product is discounted off the total, in effect the AFT lifetime price is paid only, this offer is open to new first time buyers..

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For all retail traders and self directed pro traders, the ATS Customer Success Team is waiting to assist you to get the package & pricing you want, other deals, payment methods are available to onboard with ATS
  • 100% free discovery call, talk to an expert
  • Product overview, resources & orientation
  • ATS Flexible Payments, Promos & Assistance
  • Multiple Licenses for Multi Account Prop Firm trading
  • Downgrades, upgrades, renewals & payment plans
  • Pre-Sales questions, pricing and package information

*Optional Annual Maintenance for OneOff Lifetime Licenses

Monthly, Annual already include all the below, lifetime one-off includes all the below for the first year and purchase is purely optional and it can be decided after year 1.
  • Only applicable to lifetime licenses, annual includes already 10% or a maximum for all current & future products, annual pricing Fixed of Full Lifetime price at time of sale. Note without renewal all main core features still work and function. Optional Annual maintenance covers all renewable services and product upgrades and updates such as:
  • Version Upgrade assurance e.g. AFT8 to AFT9 no upgrade fees usually 35% of the full price
  • VIP Mastery & Trading Group Webinars
  • Priority 1 to 1 support
  • New Product Feature Updates
  • New Product & systems
  • Algo R&D Settings/Stats/Workspaces
  • Trade Signals to inbox, mobile, desktop
  • API Link Access AFT8 to AWTLink
  • AWT Lifetime - includes 1 year maintenance, support, signals to inbox, API services, desktop access - after which annual renewal the lifetime price or a part of the ATS Combo annual renewal. AWT will be accessible if no annual renewal is purchased but some renewable features are disabled.

Purchase Policy

  1. You agree in using this website & services that you have accepted the terms & conditions and have read and understand all the risk disclosure
  2. Lease Acceptance: 1 month usage sim trading prior to buying a live license version, unless a veteran or experience trader and or had coaching etc.
  3. 7 Day Cool Off Period: for lifetime and subscription services - not including provisioned 1 to 1 concierge services
  4. Non Refundable: When a live license system has been allocated and used or services provided – we are flexible mistakes are rectified.
  5. ATS reserves the rights to change pricing at anytime and to market different promos for new customers as it choses without notice, for more info view: terms

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