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AWT.Desktop for AWT Cloud to desktop features
1) AWT.Desktop
Free Desktop app. version of alphawebtrader for cloud pre-requisite for AFT8 API integration or desktop cloud technicals & real-time signals.
AFT.Desktop for AFT8 cloud to NinjaTrader 8 features
2) AFT.Desktop
Free Desktop app pre-requisite for AFT8 to link to NinjaTrader providing license subscriptions, workspaces & web remote trading control.
AlgoFuturesTrader for NT8
3) AFT8.NinjaTrader
Free NinjaTrader Trade Platform Addin - Hybrid Trading Systems for futures, multi hybrid turnkey trading systems entry modes & trade management
ATS Desktop Apps All in 1 installer
4) ATS.Desktop Apps
ATS.Desktop Apps all in one installer will run all the required prequisites and install all desktop apps in the correct sequence for default installs.