ATS President Robert Harmon Jr is picture in middle back right wearing a blue coat pictured in the NYMEX crude oil pit at One North End Ave, New York NY around 2002.

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Real Deal Trading systems by real deal traders! Quality not quantity, our goal is very simple, buck the trend of the retail trading ecosystem with disruptive technology, real deal tools and ethics, free for sim and prop firm evaluation get funded trading, we create as many winners as possible and do it for free until they are live trading and that is our simple mission!!

ATS Website Info

All ATS products can be downloaded for free and purchased here, seperately or as a combo deal - view all pricing and product plan comparisons in one easy place, plus here you will find all your quick links for pre-sales, help, tech support, education, trading groups & live market trade along events.

Meet the Products

Founded and launched in 2020 the products AFT go back to 2006 and are evolved since and released under the ATS brand, the AWT is a brand new next level proprietary technology and was incepted in 2022 - both products are still in development update phases as of 2023 july and so there is a lot of support and training educational material to come next, the ATS Group is where all the interactive support and education is.

Meet ATS Founders

Algo Trading Systems LLC (ATS) was launched in 2020 by Robert B. Harmon Esq, ATS President, Robert is/was a third generation member of the Comex and Nymex His grandfather started the family floor brokerage firm Harmon, Lichtenstein and Company in 1933 and it grew to be one of the largest floor brokerage operations on the New York commodity exchanges. Robert , started clerking at a young age when chalk boards and ticker tape was used for price dissemination. He joined the Comex and Nymex in 1979 after graduating from law school and becoming a licensed attorney in New York.. He later served as a Governor of the Comex Inc. and the Comex Clearing Association Inc. He retired from floor trading in 2004 and has been trading electronically since then. Providing ATS with a combination of experience of real deal trading systems and methodologies, with practical legal & compliance leadership to empower ATS on its mission.

ATS CEO Tom Leeson was invited to join executive membership, bringing in algorithmic trading experience, quantitative & enterprise development skills, going back commercially first taste of algo trading with Goldman & Sachs in the city of London from 1996 working as a freelance constultant via an agency, developing systems for BOA, Chase, UBS stock trading front desk and back office web systems, later on FX with multiple other banner names up to 2006 lastly being State Street Corp, USB CLS systems - with trade sizes of $150Mil cash, the code had to work well. Futures prop firm trader from 2006 until 2009 becoming fully free & indedendant & full time with MicroTrends, travelling the world, trading & coding until settling in Asia. In 2015 to 2017 was the head of algo trading for a small managed futures fund Clear Point Capital and still consults remotely, providing managed trading systems. Is an active independant trader and investor with a goal to change the retail trading ecosystem.
Inventor and pioneer of the Fib Grid Trading System & numerous other studies, Hybrid Trading Systems for retail algo systems, contributing IP to ATS so it became the US based owner and global exclusive provider of MicroTrends NinjaTrader Algorithmic trading Systems to vendors in the NinjaTrader EcoSystem, Commercial Traders, Pro traders/Money Managers, CTAs & Hedge funds. NinjaTrader development powered by MicroTrends Ltd for the NinjaTrader Free trade Platform.

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