AlphaWebTrader (AWT)

AWT is a standalone cloud, desktop based trading supercharger which can work alongside any trading platform & trade system!

Cloud Trade Signals & Technicals

Freemium & Premium Up to 30 day full trial!

For beginner to advanced traders, desktop web & mobile

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AWT Product Comparison

AlphaWebTrader Subscription Plans Comparison
Web Y Y Y Y
*1 Mobile Y Y Y Y
*2 Desktop Y Y Y Y
Market Data Screen Updates
Snapshot Data 1m 5s 1s 1s
Real-time (RT) Data N N Y Y
US Futures Y Y Y Y
AP Futures Y Y Y Y
EU Futures Y Y Y Y
Feature Access
WatchList Y Y Y Y
Trading Point N N Y Y
AlphaBias N N Y Y
Trendo N Y Y Y
Trading Signals N Y Y Y
Fib Grid Charts Y Y Y Y
GapBias Y Y Y Y
EOD Charts Y Y Y Y
Eco News Y Y Y Y
Sessions Y Y Y Y
Instruments Y Y Y Y
Trade Signal Notifications
Signals Real-time (RT) N Y Y Y
Signals to your Inbox N N Y Y
Algo Trading Signals*** N N N Y
*3 API Access N N N Y
API Algo Trading Mirror N N N Y
User Experience
Fast Page Load N Y Y Y
Ad Free N Y Y Y
Self Assisted Help Y Y Y Y
Help Desk/Email Y Y Y Y
Discord Support Forums Y Y Y Y
Discord Interactive Support Y Y Y Y
Priority Assisted Support
Priority Help Desk N N Y Y
*4 Elevated 1 to 1 Support
*4 Skype N N Y Y
*2 Zoom/TeamViewer N Y Y Y
Discord Trading Group
*5 Get Started Zero to Hero Y Y Y Y
Trader Resources Y Y Y Y
Day Trading Tips Y Y Y Y
Trading PlayBook Y Y Y Y
Risk Management Y Y Y Y
Discord Trading Group VIP
NYSE Session Prior Summary N Y Y Y
HTF Price Analysis/Technicals N Y Y Y
NYSE Session Pre-Market N Y Y Y
Live Market Chat N Y Y Y
Live Market Trading Streams N Y Y Y
Special Notices
*1) Mobile Mobile app pending
*2) Desktop Desktop app released subset functionality
*3) Planned Features Planned Features, to be added in future releases. Note: planned features have no deadline and are subject to change without notice, if deemed necessary or no longer tenable due to time, resources cost, demand, or other reasons etc.
*4) Elevated 1 to 1 Support All support requests start out via help desk articles, if required help desk email, if that is not able to resolve then we can utilize skype and where necessary remote assistance by appointment - this is very rare 99.9% of help desk articles, videos & email resolves
*5) Get Started Zero to Hero FREE Get Started trading in 5 stages consisting of a 30-day free ultimate trial - then onto options of time extension, evaluation, performance, or live trading..
Note: ATS reserves the right to change pricing, promotions, services, product bundles and payment terms offered at any time without notice.

AlphaWebTrader Subscriptions

Subscription Plans Legend
Freemium Essentials Premium Ultimate
  1. Lease it with monthly or annual subscriptions - or lock in annual renewal on an ATS Universal onetime purchase.
  2. 1 Subscription 3 Seats Up to 3 parallel devices Web, *Mobile & **Desktop
  3. Lease No lock in, cancel anytime to terminate renewal
  4. Group Plans, tailor made plans to fit trading groups
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