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Get Started Day Trading 100% FREE forever real deal systems until real money trading - assisted installation & onboarding, setup ready to trade turnkey indices futures systems

Trading systems are 100% Free until you decide, suitable for intermediate to advanced futures day traders, the only cost is your time & commitment, trading is hard enough, no need to spend your trading capital or break the bank learning to trade! Try trading at your own pace & decide if it works for you in your own time with no time limits!

The bar is high! For traders technically adept with platforms cloud, web & desktop systems, intermediate to advanced trading experience to meet group & quality standards:
  1. 100% fully commited Traders only! minimum 1-year NinjaTrader for AFT and at least 3 years live trading futures - newer talented traders assessed.
  2. Not suitable for beginners, or traders in a rush, lacking discipline, baggage & preconceptions, or high-tech support overhead!
  3. No Fully automated trading support or algo group access until traders are proficient in manual & hybrid trading for 3 months.
  4. Trading system turnkey workspaces provided, learn the concepts, live market get chart time, step by step learn the toolset & methods.
  5. Traders attend discord trading group for a 4 week, 5 stage FREE Zero to Hero Trading Course with interactive support & 1 to 1 trade coaching

Zero to Hero in 5 Stages

100% free no obligation! Free Zero to Hero day trading 4 week course Stage 1 to Stage 5 course within ATS Discord Trading Group with direct support & edcuations from the inventor, developer & head trader of ATS Systems. Step by step learn the basics, grab the wheel and pedals, and learn how to trade by routine exercise in the live market risk-free simulation trading and go from zero to hero, with interactive support, 1 to 1 zoom meetings for mentoring & weekly trading reviews

  1. Stage 1 – Get Started
    • Week 1, Meeting 1, Zoom 1 to 1 meeting with NT8 on your PC
    • 30 Day Ultimate FREE Trial Start
    • Onboarding Into Discord Zero Hero Stage 1
    • Get installed by remote assistance 1 to 1 zoom
    • Turnkey workspace 1 – Manual entry on signals – automated exits
    • Product tour and demo of AFT for manual systematic trading
  2. Stage 2
    • Week 2 – Meeting 2, Zoom 1 to 1 meeting on your PC
    • Free Trader Progress Review & Trade System Mentoring
    • Onboarding Into Discord Zero Hero Stage 2
    • Turnkey workspace 2 – Hybrid Entry on signals – automated exits
    • Product tour and demo of AFT hybrid systematic trading
  3. Stage 3
    • Week 3 – Meeting 3, Zoom 1 to 1 meeting on your PC
    • Free Trader Progress Review & Trade System Mentoring
    • Onboarding Into Discord Zero Hero Stage 3
    • Turnkey workspace 3 – Hybrid Entry + AWT Desktop Filter
    • Product tour and demo of AFT + AWT systematic trading
  4. Stage4
    • Week 4 – Meeting 4, Zoom 1 to 1 meeting on your PC
    • Free Trader Progress Review & Trade System Mentoring
    • Onboarding Into Discord Zero Hero Stage 4
    • Turnkey workspace 3 – Hybrid Entry + AWT Web + Desktop
    • Product tour and demo of AFT + AWT Web systematic trading
  5. Stage5
    • Week 5, Meeting 5, Zoom 1 to 1 meeting with NT8 on your PC
    • End of Stage evaluation and Trader review
    • Discovery call and overview to suit trader goals and options
      1. Quid Pro Quo extension
      2. Stay on the sim and practice more
      3. Go Live or prop firm evaluation trading
        • Get Funded Accelerator 80% Off Deal with monthly review
        • Go Live with a tailor-made package
        • Join VIP Trading Group to sharpen your edge with live market, micro indices futures day trading education

N.B: Limited Seats! All traders assessed for approval to join, for quality of service, to protect: IP, group members, trade liquidity; remove the learning curve, get a head start!

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Get your 100% FREE ATS Universal account, then join the ATS Discord Trading Group lobby pending full access which is granted via the Discord Robot ATSBot for traders who have attended the Get Started Meeting, which will require your Discord username linked to your ATS Universal Account, or this can be done in with a walkthrough during the onboarding zoom meeting.

Your ATS universal account connects all your AlgoTradingSystems web, desktop, mobile apps, services and provides access to your licenses, purchases, subscriptions, training resources, groups, special deal promo coupons & more. Sign up is 100% free!

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  • Unlock access to downloads, resources & trading group
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Join and enter the trading group lobby, then link your ATS account, traders who have attended the Get Started Meeting gain access to interactive support & education, learn hybrid automated day trading Emini Micro Indices Futures at the NYSE session Open, Forums, chat and video sections plus an all new VIP Trading group where traders can focus on pure technicals and trading the live futures market and collaborate trades and stats. learn more ATS Trading Group info

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  • Community traders are the stars and collaborate and share

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ATS trading systems are for desktop, web & mobile, addins to popular futures trading platform & standalone web, cloud based proprietary trading systems
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