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Multiple Trading Groups

ATS Support group, ATS VIP Trading Group, AST Trading Signals & Market News Alerts

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Group Interactive support and education, or real-time trading signals, technicals and market news alerts, & Futures VIP trade group
  1. Group access controlled by ATS Bot & ATS Bot VIP
  2. Free Access link your discord username to your ATS Account
  3. Vendors, spam bots, scammers, fake accounts barred
  4. VIP trade group for your live trading edge!
  5. 30 day free access to Algo Signal Trader

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ATS Trading Group Support & Forum

Group 1: Algo Trading Systems (ATS) Discord FREE Trading Group for FREE Members, focus on interactive support, product forums and trading education

FREE For Signed Up & linked up ATS Users

ATS VIP Trading Group Live Market

Group 2: Algo Trading Systems (ATS) Discord VIP Trading Group for VIP Members, focus on live market advanced hybrid trading for NYSE morning Trade Session.

VIP for paid up members subsribers

AST Trading Signals & News Alerts

Group 3: Algo Signal Trader (AST) is a discord based highly tunable real-time Trade Signals/News Alerts Service push notifications for desktop & mobile devices

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ATS Trading Group Support & Education

Level up your game and trading skills for Hybrid Trading Systems, free for sim and prop firm evaluation trading, attend the trading group and join a community of traders who are working up to trading live or are trading live or were funded using the turnkey hybrid automated trading methods. Learn from guidance and education resources and live trading chats and trading streams, accelerate learning, collaborate with other traders and absorb the knowledge of the community, become a skilled and independent trader.

Please note: Trading Groups have none of: no trading call outs, no follow the leader trading, no trading gurus to make you dependant on their trade magic smoke and mirrors; ATS does have this: systems and tools for independant mindset traders: real deal tools for real deal traders, education, training, technicals and methods, traders sharing and collaborating on how they use the systems and what their stats are - live market trading chat for pre-session tehcnicals, trade analysis, econonews heads up and market structure, no trading advice or financial advice all traders useing their own trading decisions and leveraging the trading technology to sharpen their edge.