AlgoFuturesTrader (AFT)

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AlgoFuturesTrader Subscription Plans Comparison

AlgoFuturesTrader Product Comparison
  Freemium Essentials Premium Ultimate
NinjaTrader 8 Y Y Y Y
NinjaTrader 7 Y Y Y Y
Machine Licenses 1 1 1 2
Trading Account Modes
Sim/Demo/BackTest Y Y Y Y
Prop Firm Eval Trading Y Y Y Y
Live Money Account N Y Y Y
Self Assisted Help Y Y Y Y
Discord Support Forum Y Y Y Y
Help Desk/Email Y Y Y Y
Priority Assisted Support
Priority Help Desk N Y Y Y
*Elevated 1 to 1 Support
*Skype N N Y Y
*Zoom/TeamViewer N N Y Y
**Extras Concierge Services
**1 to 1 Setup Get Started N N N N
**1 to 1 Remote Assistance N N N N
**1 to 1 Trade Coaching N N N N
**Managed Server, platform & system N N N N
Private Group Trade Mastery
Live Market Chat N Y Y Y
Hybrid Trading Coaching N Y Y Y
HTF Price Analysis/Technicals N Y Y Y
Day Trading Tips N Y Y Y
NYSE Session Pre-Market N Y Y Y
NYSE Morning Session Trade Along N Y Y Y
Trading PlayBook N Y Y Y
Trading Voice & Video N Y Y Y
***Private Group Algo Trade Mastery
Algo Trading Systems Support N N Y Y
Algo Trading Systems Chat & Resources N N Y Y
Algo Trading Systems Video Stream N N Y Y
Micro Futures Y Y Y Y
All Futures Y N N Y
All Instruments Y N N Y
System Types
Session Breakout Y Y Y Y
Trend Trader Y Y Y Y
Mean Reversion Y Y Y Y
Market Profile Y Y Y Y
Manual Discretionary Y Y Y Y
Configure Your Own Y Y Y Y
Box Breakout OCO Y Y Y Y
***News API Breakout OCO N N Y Y
***AWT API Trader N N Y Y
***AWT API AI Trader N Y Y Y
Turnkey Workspaces & Settings
NYSE Indices Session Breakout Y Y Y Y
RTH Session Breakout Y Y Y Y
Trend Scalper Y Y Y Y
Mean Reversion Y Y Y Y
Workspace Settings Assistance N Y Y Y
***Algo Trading Systems
BaseLine & optimized variant Stats access Y Y Y Y
Baseline Workspaces & Settings Y Y Y Y
Optimized Workspaces & Settings N N Y Y
***Algo R&D systems & Stats Updates N N Y Y
Feature Access
Technical Indicators Y Y Y Y
Signals Indicators Y Y Y Y
Self-Optimizing Bars Y Y Y Y
NinjaBuddy Trade UI Y Y Y Y
NinjaBuddy Manual Mode Y Y Y Y
Position Compounding Y Y Y Y
Automated Trade Manager Y Y Y Y
Hybrid Semi-Autonomous Trade Entry Y N Y Y
Fully Automated Trade Entry Y N Y Y
AlgoSystem Trading Controller Y N Y Y
Grid Trader Y N Y Y
Risk Position Sizer Y N Y Y
Robust API Trade Engine
Not a strategy engine no halts/errors or loss of context Y Y Y Y
Restart & Continue Y Y Y Y
Auto Start with NT8 start Y Y Y Y
Disconnect/Reconnect Continue Y Y Y Y
True Swing Trading Ability Y Y Y Y
Monitor Orders,Positions Fault Tolerance Self Healing Y Y Y Y
****News Event Avoidance N N Y Y
****NinjaTrader Automated StartUp N N Y Y
****API Access - (coming soon)
>***News Event API N N Y Y
>***AWT Trendo API N N Y Y
Special Notices
*Elevated 1 to 1 Support All support requests start out via help desk articles, if required help desk email, if that is not able to resolve then we can utilise skype and where neccessary remote assistance by appointment - this is very rare 99.9% help desk articles, videos & email resolves.
**Concierge Services Concierge Services are extra or part of a package by arrangement with ATS Customer Success Team. For the Managed Server, platform & system your instructions facilitated, settings workspaces, algos monitored & maintained for smooth running no technical experience required.
***Optional Annual Maintenance **Annual renewal if lifetime via annual maintenance plan/upgrade assurance
****Coming Soon Planned Features for 2023

*Optional Annual Maintenance for OneTime Lifetime Licenses

  • Optional Annual Maintenance for renewables
  • Only applicable to lifetime licenses, annual includes already. 10% or a maximum of $995 PA for all products, annual pricing Fixed of Full Lifetime price at time of sale. Note without renewal all main core features still work and function. Optional Annual maintenance covers all renewable services and product upgrades and updates such as:
  • Version Upgrade assurance e.g. AFT8 to AFT9
  • Private Trading Group Access
  • Priority 1 to 1 support
  • New Product Feature Updates
  • Algo R&D Settings/Stats/Workspaces
  • Trade Signals to inbox, mobile, desktop
  • API Link Access(AFT8 to AWT Link)

AlgoFuturesTrader Flexible subscription plans

  1. 1 Subscription 1 to 2 PCs Up to 2 parrallel NinjaTrader desktop apps
  2. Lease No lock in, cancel anytime to terminate renewal
  3. Optional Renewal, live trading mode & core features continues with or without
  4. Talk to us, ATS Customer Success Team is waiting for your call.

Algo Futures Trader Pricing

AFT Pricing