ATS Trading Group the traders are the stars

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

2 Trading Groups using Hybrid Trading Systems for support and education plus 1 VIP member Trading Group! twice the power. Focus on support or focus on Trading technicals and information to assist your trading decisions. You don't need gurus or trading influencers and become dependant on some presentor or expert coach, you don't' need to listen to claims, you can attend free and chat with traders in the group, dedicated commited traders succeed, starting out with baseline ready to trade turnkey workspaces and systems and collaborate with each other in the trading group live trading chat and vip mastery sections, many traders start from zero to hero and get funded using the turnkey systems.

Get Started 100% FREE Suitable for intermediate to advanced futures day traders!

ATS Trading Group Support & Forum

Group 1: ATS Discord FREE Trading Group for FREE Members, focus on interactive support, product forums and trading education

ATS VIP Trading Group Live Market

Group 2: ATS Discord VIP Trading Group for VIP Members, focus on live market trading methods, technicals & signals analysis

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ATS Trading group Quality not Quantity

The ATS Trading group is a place for interactive support and education with trading chat sections and a dedicated Futures trade along VIP group
  1. To Access our trading group, you will need to link your discord account with your ATS Account
  2. No Vendors, spam bots, and no fake accounts are allowed and are prevented from joining
  3. Limited seats to protect the liquidity of systems and the quality of support and service.
  4. The most important reason to us is we want to know our traders and understand their goals and backgrounds
  5. Ideally intermediate to advanced traders but 1yr plus beginners who want to be the best and level up - ok we will assess.

ATS Trading Group Support & Education

Level up your game and trading skills for Hybrid Trading Systems, free for sim and prop firm evaluation trading, attend the trading group and join a community of traders who are working up to trading live or are trading live or were funded using the turnkey hybrid automated trading methods. Learn from guidance and education resources and live trading chats and trading streams, accelerate learning, collaborate with other traders and absorb the knowledge of the community, become a skilled and independent trader.

Please note: Trading Group has none of: no trading call outs, no follow the leader trading, no trading gurus, no automated trading signals; does have this: real deal tools for real deal traders, education, training, technicals and methods, traders sharing and collaborating on how they use the systems and what their stats are - live market trading chat for pre-session tehcnicals, trade analysis, econonews heads up and market structure, no trading advice or financial advice all traders useing their own trading decisions and leveraging the trading technology to sharpen their edge.