Hybrid Automated Trading Systems

ATS is the home of hybrid algorithmic trading systems for futures traders, providing the best of both worlds man and machine, manual trade entry, semi-automated trade entry or fully automated trading via hybrid trading controls with fully automated adaptive trade management

MAX win ratio & MIN drawdown

Hybrid automated futures trading systems provide the best of both worlds discretionary trading ⊕ automated trading via a combination of systems used in real-time AFT & or AWT with any platform or system for maximum results suitable to get funded prop trading. Hybrid trading is man and machine trading, at a glance see the market direction from the alphawebtrader technicals, then use algofuturestrader set the trading bias long or short, take a manual trade from systematic trading signals or set the hybrid controls to take the next trade for you and manage the trade automatically emotion-free.

Get Funded Hybrid Trading Turnkey Systems

The best way to get funded prop firm trading is to use man and machine mode day trading futures hybrid automated trading. 100% fully automated trading is not allowed in prop firm trading and will not be tenable as the target to hit is too small due to the prop firm drawdown rules. Hybrid Trading is the solution providing the flexible trading system rules and control!

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What is Classic fully automated trading?

What is Modern Hybrid Automated Trading?

Hybrid is the next level of automated algorithmic trading; encompassing all of the automated trading features and then adds in more features to allow precision trading control to minimize drawdowns and maximize profits in a combo of man and machine!

Automated Trade Entry Modes

Automated Trade Management Modes

Hybrid Automated trading is the next tier evolved from blind trading, to the man and machine combination - like a Plane and Pilot ability to go pure 100% fully automated or with interaction from the trader. AlgoFuturesTrader is the industry leading NinjaTrader automated trading system; Supports semi-auto, and manual modes via features for the trader in attendance with real-time controls to interact with the systems to start, stop pause, set bias long or short, select the level of automation and system rules to suit their trading plan and decisions and adjust in the real-time live market.

Why Hybrid Automated Trading?

It is a well-known fact that only 20% win and 80% of day traders lose at manual discretionary trading - those traders who can't win, decide the solution is to go classic fully automated trading to remove the problem of trading themselves, even worse up to 95% lose at classic fully automated trading due to psychological fear and greed even with a winning proven system. This is fact as recorded in a study by CME futures disctretionary has better results than classic automated trading. Ok so the solution? Hybrid trading - its the best of both worlds of trading, a combo of man and machine, allows a trader to leverage conditional trading, higher time frame price analysis, timing, and news catalysts, and trading confirmation systems to identify high probability trading entry setups and then use a trading entry method such as a systematic technical signal for manual entry or to set a bias long or short and then have this taken in automated entry and halt safely so no more trading takes place, each trade is then automatically managed with exits for stops and targets - the end result win ratios boosted, less trading with more trade profit maximized with minimum drawdown and emotion free trading - all the problems of discretionary gone, missing trades, chasing, overtrading, FOMO and fiddling, all the problems with Algos gone - why go off a cliff into drawdown when you can take the easy high probability winners and avoid the pitfalls and can't see transparency or stay in control - those approaches are proven to be the worst on average. With hybrid there is not a better way to trade for prop firm or day trading futures than hybrid trading, aiming for a 65% to 80%+ win ratio with a 1:1+ RR is tenable as an average for VIP group traders

Hybrid AFT Trading or Pure AFT Fully Automated?

How to decide which model to chose for your trading success?

Hybrid Futures Trading Man + Machine

Fastest easiest way to get funded and to get trading - with the best profits and least drawdown - best control! hit a small target!
Traders learn the level of automation to suit their plan - this can be 50% to 80% automated as an average. Smallest Risk Capital 25K is ok.
AFT Workspaces 1 to 4 - work through in stages Zero to hero in discord.

Hybrid Trading Time to Market?

This is the fast track to success with day trading!
1 week to 1 month can be done! most take 1 to 3 months some 1 year+ and that's ok its 100% Free go at your own pace!

Pure 100% Fully Automated Trading

Yes it can be done but note, this the hardest & longest way to trade - generally in most cases not viable or permitted for prop firm trading - least control over profits and drawdown!
3months for a veteran already from success to 1 year plus for a new or trader still on the success quest. Medium to Long term goals!
Hit very large easy targets far off - asset stream diversification is the key - swing trading is really the only way to start - large risk capital- 100 to 250K is about ok.
AFT Workspaces 5 - put workspace 1 on a server and leave it for 1 month - practice how to stop and start and go from there -create variants of the baselines and test compare back.

Pure Algo Trading Time to Market?

There are no short cuts - when done right!
1 to 3 years is a realistic time of focus on a system to master and tweak to get a system which suits a trader... no wonder of retail traders 10% are tracked as winners..

For both trader Journeys Hybrid or Pure Algo Trading

30 day Free Trial Full Feature Access!
Self Assisted and Interactive Support provided when required!
Free forever Freemium for sim/demo trading! go at your own pace!
For fastest learning - Traders begin with our "Zero to Hero" program to methodically navigate through the control set stages this can be leveraged for hybrid and pure fully auto.

AFT Manual Entry Automated Trade Management
AFT plus AWT Hybrid Trading Combo

How does hybrid trading work?

This offers the best control, entry and exits, max win ratio and min drawdown of systems allowing a trader to focus on context of the market and allow the hybrid trading system to sit out or execute trades at lighting speed and then manage the trades. AlgoFuturesTrader is the best ninjatrader automated trading system


AlphaWebTrader (AWT) Futures trading supercharger for use alongside any trade platform & trading system, pick the right side of the trade, reduce trading frequency, increase trade win ratio & risk reward
  • Technical analysis
  • Gaps analysis
  • Signal flow
  • Trend correlations
  • At glance assess market bias long, short or sit out


AlgoFuturesTrader (AFT) for NinjaTrader, FREE Turnkey Futures Hybrid Algo Trading Systems - multi algo, hybrid automation man & machine trading & fully automated adaptive trade management.
  • Turnkey workspaces trend reversal or session breakout
  • Manual trade entry or set algo to automatic trade execution.
  • 1 trade or many can be set for semi-automatic or fully automated
  • Chart trader in NT8 or the Hybrid Trade Entry Controller
  • Fully automated trade management for any trades taken